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Impact Destinations

We handpick the best authentic, unique destinations that have a significant positive impact on local communities. The ones where travellers come away with life changing experiences and stories they can't stop talking about.

  • Our consultants vet our destinations thoroughly, checking service levels like health & hygiene safety checks, and impact standards that safeguard communities and their environment.
  • Our standards are aligned with BCorp and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We provide travel companies with all the info they need to incorporate our high impact destinations.

Impact Reports

  • For example, we measure how the visits you have created has empowered communities to cross the poverty line. We measure the knock-on effects this has on related factors such as access to medical supplies or a reduction of migration to city slums.
  • Apart from facts & figures our reports tell the personal stories and images of how the economic opportunities have boosted family's lives in the travel destinations.
  • We can help you measure the impact your business has created with colourful stories and powerful reports. You can send these to travellers following their trips, and they can tell their friends and family all about it.

Impact Consultancy

  • Beyond our impact destination data and impact reports we can provide you with the expertise to help you develop impact strategies that lead to the best outcomes.

    We can help you to make sure impact isn’t a separate thing, but is embedded throughout your business. This ensures a more lasting impact, business growth and helps to attract and engage talented staff.
  • We can support you to gain BCorp certification, confirming to the world that your business is a ‘vehicle for good’.

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