Impact Model

What are our key global issues?

Our key global issues can be divided into:

  • Poverty and related issues such as hunger.
  • Environmental issues like global warming & pollution.

Poverty is our number 1 priority according to the UN, with half of our global population struggling to meet basic needs and 3.1 million children dying each year of hunger and malnutrition. To put this in perspective, 1.8 million people died in total throughout all of 2020 from Covid-19.

Poverty is expected to get significantly worse for many families following the pandemic.

Beyond 'plastering over symptoms'

Most impact initiatives focus on alleviating symptoms such as donating things. Fundraising for charitable support can provide vital intermediate support. And in certain situations like emergencies charitable support is the only solution.

But whether it concerns poverty, global warming or pollution, this charitable type of approach tends not to fix the problem long term. It is a bit like 'mopping up with the tap wide open'..

Fixing problems at its' root

It is way more effective to ‘close the tap’ by tackling the root cause of problems.

For example by providing better access to the travel market can empower communities to improve their own means. This fixes poverty long term and has positive knock- on effects on related global issues such as hunger, access to education and medical supplies.

Travel can provide great income opportunities, with one in ten of all jobs globally related to the travel sector. Poverty rates are 300 percent higher in remote areas but are often left aside by tourism, whilst they provide unique authentic experiences.

By providing economic opportunities, our vision is to empower 10 million people out of poverty.

Award winning expertise

Dr Melanie van de Velde, our Founder, developed our model based on her PhD research exploring why some impact strategies have far better results than others. Her thesis was awarded the Adam Smith Prize for PhD Excellence. Nominated for the prize by Cambridge University, her research underpins many of the insights in her book 'LOVE YOUR LEGACY: Five secrets of leading businesses that build a better world'.

After working in the travel and technology sector, Melanie embarked on running a social enterprise in the Kibera slum in Nairobi to empower young women without an education. She learned first hand how challenging it can be for business to make a genuine difference, balanced with a strong commercial model. The experience sparked a fire in her to research successful impact strategies that lead to the best outcomes.

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